The Ticker: HB @ 10, Cafferty, Digital Today…

By Chris Ariens 

> HuffPost’s Rachel Sklar writes about Hardball’s 10th anniversary this week. Last night’s show included a clip reel with “Zell Miller lookin’ mad (“I wish we lived in the days when you could challenge a person to a duel”).

> Chris Matthews will be on The Daily Show tonight. But last night another cable newser/author guested. Wolf’s man Jack Cafferty told Jon Stewart about the time he was told he couldn’t say something on the air: here’s a hint, it rhymes with Umsfeld.

> TVDecoder‘s Brian Stelter writes about the Today show using the web to go after new viewers. “We are going to places like Facebook and Pownce to appeal to a new audience, people who may not be quite so familiar with Today,” said EP Jim Bell.