The Ticker: “Exclusive,” Greta, Brown…

By Brian 

> An e-mailer says: continues to rework the dictionary to suit its own purposes,” an e-mailer says. “…If MSNBC aired an interview last night with the taxi driver in the Duke case, and posted it on this morning, you’d hope would think twice about posting its own clip from this morning’s GMA with a headline ‘EXCLUSIVE: Cab Driver in Duke Case Speaks.'”

> Without a Trace star Poppy Montgomery watches On the Record with Greta Van Susteren: “She rocks, man. She’s fantastic. It’s actually instructive for me, because she knows she’s in front of a camera. There’s a certain amount of theatrics that has to go on in order for an audience to really watch you. That’s a different thing than just questioning someone…”

> Because we need more crime coverage: FNC is airing a special called “Crime Scene” Saturday at 10pm. “I hope you watch and e-mail me what you think about it and whether we should do more of these,” Greta says (via ICN)…

> Where’s Campbell Brown honeymooning? Africa