The Ticker (Election Countdown Edition): The View, CNN, Debates….

By Chris Ariens 

> The View is getting in on the ABC News/USA Today venture “50 States in 50 Days.” Beginning Monday, the ABC morning chat show will air videotaped questions and comments as part of the “Hot Topics” feature. The videos from people around the country are scheduled to air sporadically leading up to the election.

> CNN political analyst and radio talk show host Roland Martin launches a series of specials intended to “leave the political talking points behind” and present “a no-nonsense approach about what voters are actually talking about.” The first of the specials, “7 Weeks to Go,” premieres tomorrow night at 8pmET.

> TVBarn’s Aaron Barnhart reveals what will be missing from the upcoming presidential and vice presidential debates. In fact, it’s been missing since the 1992 series of debates.