The Ticker: Crowley, Sundance, Moving On…

By Chris Ariens 

> CNN’s Candy Crowley told a group of Florida college students what’s wrong with news media today: “There are so many avenues where we put our journalism radio, TV, podcasts and blogs (that) what suffers is reporting. You almost don’t have time to figure (a story) out before you’re on the air with it. What we’re actually missing is substance or context.”

> TV Decoder reports Sundance Channel, a joint venture of NBC, CBS and Robert Redford, is for sale. “If neither NBC or CBS decides to purchase a complete stake in the channel, Cablevision, Time Warner and Viacom are seen as potential bidders,” the site reports.

> CNN’s VP of booking and research, Joy DiBenedetto, is leaving the network. She is returning to work in the humanitarian world. She’s been with CNN, on and off, since 1993. During one of those “off” times, DiBenedetto worked as press officer for CARE.