The Ticker: Couric, Cooper, Zahn, Morales…

By Brian 

> “Katie Couric‘s paid ‘Dateline’ interview with Jennifer Wilbanks won its time period Tuesday night with 8.7 million viewers,” NewsBlues reports.

> CJR has a strange piece about 16 hours in the life of cable news. This is my favorite tidbit: “CNN’s Anderson Cooper actually had the chutzpah to promise viewers an angle on the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise story that they wouldn’t see elsewhere.”

> Paula Zahn had a sub host on ‘Now’ Wednesday night because she was picking up her Gracie Award from American Women in Radio and Television for her interview with Carmen bin Laden…

> FTVLive says Natalie Morales will get a ‘Today’ tryout on Friday, filling in for Katie Couric.