The Ticker: Bush, Reid, Rogers, Gittrich

By Chris Ariens 

  • Potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush stopped into the No Spin Zone yesterday, meeting with Bill O’Reilly at this Fox News office, Politico reports.

  • MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid emceed the ceremonial swearing-in Tuesday morning for members of the Congressional Black Caucus of the 114th Congress.

  • On Friday, he was a member of the 113th congress. Today, Mike Rogers is a CNN national security commentator. The 7-term Republican from Michigan, who did not run in 2014, makes his debut today on “The Lead with Jake Tapper.”

  • Former NBC News digital chief Gregory Gittrich joins Vocativ as Chief Content Officer. Launched in 2013, Vocativ is a media company that mines the deep web for global news.