The Ticker: Bradley, Stewart/TomKat, AJE…

By Brian 

> If you missed Ed Bradley‘s memorial service or want to see it again: It will reair on C-SPAN tonight at 9:45pm in its entirety…

> MSNBC honeymooners Alison Stewart and Bill Wolff “ran smack into a phalanx of paparazzi, TV cameras, very blonde and skinny entertainment reporters breathlessly explain the comings and goings of TOMKAT” last week, she blogs (via ICN

> True?: A tipster says both technology managers at “gave notice the day after the LaCorte/Solivan announcement…

> With Fox News developing a news satire show, MediaPost asks: “What’s next, The Colbert Report?…”

> A couple more reviews of Al Jazeera English: In the New York Sun, Gulf News, and Sacramento Bee

> An e-mailer wants to know: “Do you have any idea when HLN will be unveiling their new studio? It’s been nearly 3 months since they started renovating and haven’t finished…”

> Seth Mnookin blogs: “Black reporter attempts to prove he can be just as crazy stupid as Michael Richards; Kyra Phillips demonstrates why the Late Show may be a better source of news than CNN…”