The Ticker: Anniversaries; Roberts; Malkin

By Brian 

Lots of interesting notes on Friday night:

> On CNN, it’s show #400 for Anderson Cooper 360 and Paula Zahn Now. (Yes, a viewer counted — and sent a congrats note to the network!)

> Over on MSNBC, ‘Scarborough Country’ is celebrating two years. “Joe has been on a roll lately,” an insider noted.

> An astute viewer asks: “Did you notice that John Roberts signed off the CBS Evening News WITHOUT his tie on? He was wearning it throughout the show until they came back to him to sign off — then apparently removed it! How bizarre…”

> And an e-mailer wonders: “Conservative columnist and Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin is substitute-hosting for Sean Hannity tonight. On Saturday she subbed for John Kasich on Heartland. Is she being groomed?”