The Sub Beats The Anchor: Do Viewers Prefer John Roberts To Anderson Cooper?

By Brian 

So far this month, John Roberts has delivered more 25-54 demo viewers than Anderson Cooper between 10pm and midnight.

Roberts has subbed for Cooper six times in June. On those nights, 360 has averaged 218,000 demo viewers at 10pm and 180,000 demo viewers at 11pm, according to my calculations. Anderson Cooper has anchored his show four times in June. On those nights, the ratings have been slightly lower: 210,000 demo viewers at 10pm and 178,000 demo viewers at 11pm.

According to a tipster, “if you take March through yesterday and remove the John Roberts days from the average, it’s 196,000 in the 25-54 demo for Anderson from 10-11pm.”

Granted, June is a small sample — just ten days. And CNN’s ratings rise and fall depending on the news cycle. But it’s still notable to see a substitute beating the regular host.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for Roberts to get his own show. On Tuesday, Dusty Saunders said “rumors persist” that Roberts and Heidi Collins will team up for “an hourlong program for CNN,” possibly in Paula Zahn‘s timeslot…