The Situation Room: Viewer Reactions

By Brian 

This e-mailer loves The Situation Room: “It’s like the Pee Wee’s Playhouse of TV news,” he says. “There’s all this crazy shit going on the background, you’ve got all these gadgets and whirring, bubbling sounds, and this cast of kooky characters. I’m half expecting Globey to come whizzing out and tell us what’s in today’s papers. You’ve got guests dropping by, explaining things to the pint-sized host. They wheel out Conky the computer for the Inside the Blogs segment. And every day there’s a secret word, like “Pat Robertson!” or “John Roberts hates women!” and everybody screams real loud. Just think about it. The similarities are too numerous to list.” Other e-mailer comments:

> “The success of The Situation Room is reflected in the ratings increase in the four and five PM hours…[The program] will change the way CNN reports and brings news to its viewers for the better.”

> “The Situation Room reports news — and that makes the entire three hours worth watching.”

> “I would have to say “The Situation Room” has grown on me. At first it was just 3 drawn out hours of Wolf Blitzer, but now it seems to be taking shape and is quite enjoyable and informative.”

> “So long as Wolf ‘loosens the collar’ and stops uncomfortably pushing Cafferty’s buttons, I think it will work.”

> “The Situation Room is annoying. The monitors don’t match…This show in theory may have been interesting but they just are not pulling it off.”