“The Old CNN Is Judy Woodruff. The New CNN Is Nancy Grace”

By Brian 

…That’s what an anonymous veteran producer tells Newsweek in a must-read story.

The story discusses Jon Klein‘s “revolutionary changes” at CNN/U.S. and says his “unorthodox, even heretical game plan” is to present “serious news that doesn’t put viewers to sleep.” Here’s the best graf:

“Klein declined to comment on Grace, saying Headline News does not fall under his jurisdiction. But some at the network wonder if he isn’t secretly happy to have her on the air. With Grace safely tucked away at Headline News, they reason, Klein can preach his message of highbrow journalism even as the network continues to rake in tabloid gold.”

> Also: “Many staffers express discontent with the new regime, saying it’s not possible to make ’60 Minutes’-style pieces on a limited budget and tight time constraints.”