The New Abrams Report? A Research Business

By Chris Ariens 

Dan Abrams’s next act: research. Over the past few months the former MSNBC anchor has been quietly setting up Abrams Research, a consultancy meant to help business executives handle PR challenges. TVNewser has learned Abrams had another year on his contract but asked to be released early to start the firm.

“NBC News could not have been more accommodating throughout this process,” Abrams tells TVNewser. “I was flattered in September when they offered me a variety of high profile anchoring roles. When I informed them that I wanted to start this business instead, they agreed to restructure my deal and make me an outside contributor.”

Abrams, an 11-year NBC veteran, lost his MSNBC show in August, replaced by Rachel Maddow. He’s been NBC’s chief legal correspondent, an anchor on MSNBC and its general manager for 15 months in 2006-2007.

For his new business, Abrams is getting an assist from former Huffington Post editor Rachel Sklar; his first client is billionaire Ron Perelman; investors include Allen & Co. managing director John Josephson, and Abrams’s advisory board is made up of media heavyweights Steve Brill, Bob Wright, and Bonnie Fuller, among others.

And Abrams tells us he’ll still have time for TV. “I will be staying on as the Chief Legal Analyst for NBC News and hope to remain with NBC for many years to come,” he says.

More in the Abrams Research press release, after the jump…

Abrams Research Launches
Board of Advisors includes top names in media.

Dan Abrams announces the launch of Abrams Research, a unique global strategy firm that connects business leaders with top media professionals around the world. Businesses can now communicate directly with experienced media insiders, bloggers, and authors in almost any region or area of expertise. This unprecedented access to a wide range of experts can help companies make smarter decisions about marketing and communication. In addition, Abrams Research offers valuable perspective on local media, specific journalists, government officials or even crucial details about local customs.

“With this global network we will offer businesses more targeted, relevant and cost-effective media advice than has ever before been available,” said Dan Abrams, the firm’s CEO and founder.

The Abrams Research Board of Advisors includes top leaders from almost every area of media: Former NBC Universal Chairman Bob Wright, Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly, HBO’s Bryant Gumbel, Court TV founder Steven Brill, Former American Media Editorial Director Bonnie Fuller, Men’s and Women’s Health editor David Zinczenko, Curbed Network Founder Lockhart Steele, Former New York Times Sunday Business editor Judith Dobrzynski, and NBC Travel editor Peter Greenberg.

Abrams is the former General Manager of MSNBC and a Columbia University-trained attorney, who has appeared on NBC News and MSNBC as a reporter and anchor since 1995. He now continues with NBC News and MSNBC as a contributor in the role of Chief Legal Analyst. While Abrams himself offers businesses a trusted media advisor and attorney uniquely positioned to unite legal and corporate communications strategies, that same level of specialized expertise is now available on a far broader scale through the Abrams Research Network. “By offering businesses insight into how the relevant media will best respond to any strategy, campaign, product, initiative or crisis, I believe the often contentious relationship between business and media will improve,” said Abrams.

Abrams Research has also established strategic partnerships with major PR and media strategy firms including Dan Klores Communications and The Abernathy Macgregor Group.

For more information go to or call (347) 882-8227.