The Morning Ticker: Fareed, Wolf, Onion, Amol

By Chris Ariens 

  • Politico reports the media watchdog group Our Bad Media isn’t done looking into the accounts of plagiarism against Fareed Zakaria. “Without serious, serious pressure from other journalists, we doubt that CNN will take any action.”

  • The DailyCaller reports there’s a situation brewing at CNN’s “The Situation Room.” Several staffers of the Wolf Blitzer show have departed (not laid off) since a new EP was named last year.

  • Bloomberg reports The Onion may be for sale, seriously. Onion Inc. has hired investment bank GCA Saccianer for a possible sale. Two students from the University of Wisconsin launched the satirical newspaper in 1988.

  • Romenesko reports Amol Sharma has been promoted to Media and Marketing bureau chief at the Wall Street Journal. “In a player-coach role, he has helped edit the group’s coverage of TV, advertising and publishing while covering big media companies.”