The Lucky Few: The TVNewsers Who Got to See McCain’s Medical Records

By SteveK 

This morning in Arizona, Sen. John McCain released hundreds of pages of medical records to a select group of journalists. The records could not be copied or released publicly. The general consensus — he’s healthy.

Besides the AP, Reuters and Bloomberg wire services, and two print outlets (The Washington Post and the Arizona Republic), who had reporters present, the rest of the individuals allowed to see the records were TV news journalists.

They were embed producer Bret Hovell and medical correspondent Dr. Mark Abdelmalek (ABC), medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook (CBS), correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta (CBS and CNN) and correspondent Mary Snow (CNN), correspondent Carl Cameron and medical contributor Marc Siegel (FNC) and correspondent Kelly O’Donnell and medical contributor Nancy Snyderman (NBC).