The Lessons Tim Russert Taught Live On 10 Years After His Death

By Chris Ariens 

10 years ago today NBC News Washington bureau chief and moderator of Meet the Press Tim Russert died.

Russert was in the tracking booth of NBC’s Washington bureau when he suffered a heart attack and never recovered.

NBC is remembering Russert today as someone who taught a generation of colleagues lessons that live on today.

For, former Meet the Press ep Betsy Fischer Martin and Erin Fogarty Owen, a former MTp producer, list 6 things Russert taught them, including: “Relationships are key: You never know where the next big tip is going to come from but Tim knew they didn’t always come from the top. He kept in touch with Capitol police officers, staffers on the Hill, and campaign aides, no matter their title. Most often, when he’d break a big story, his source came from way down the Washington food-chain. He began each morning with a series of phone calls to staff, sources and friends asking simply, ‘What do you know?’ And he listened. He was humble, approachable and kind.”

Morning Joe, on which Russert appeared regularly, remembered him this morning.

Colleagues and friends are also sharing their remembrances on social media.