The Huffington Post Planning Online TV News Network

By Alex Weprin 

The Huffington Post is setting its sights on cable news. According to ForbesJeff Bercovici, HuffPost is following in the footsteps of the Wall Street Journal, and launching a live online news channel, possibly called the Huffington Post Streaming Network, or HSPN for short.

The idea, according to sources, is to harness the considerable editorial talent of the 320-person Huffpo newsroom while at the same time fulfilling rising advertiser demand for premium video content. Huffpo editors and reporters will appear on the stream live throughout the day, analyzing breaking news events in real-time. On-camera editorial meetings will let viewers in on the newsgathering process, and their social media feedback will be incorporated into the broadcast.

The WSJ has live video coverage during the workday, while sister company Fox News Channel also has live online programming modeled after your typical cable news programming… though with lower production values.