The Great Greenland Getaway, Part II

By Alissa Krinsky 

An update on a post from Friday: an NBC News crew – producer Mario Garcia, photographer Bruce Bernstein and his son and soundman, Curt Bernstein – are finally back in the good ol’ US of A after an Air Greenland strike literally left them stranded in Greenland, while on assignment with correspondent Anne Thompson.

After the strike was called off, Thompson was able to get a flight out, while the crew battled post-strike delays. They arrived in Baltimore on Saturday, after a long journey back. Producer Garcia tells the tale at NBC News World Blog.

By the way, Anne Thompson is interviewed in TV Week about being named (in April) NBC News’ chief environmental affairs correspondent. “I love it,” Thompson says. “I have been stunned at the interest (in environmental issues) from our viewers and management, as well as my friends and family. I’m having a blast.”