The Financial Analyst Analyzes the Medium

By Chris Ariens 

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Financial analyst Barry Ritholtz, author of “Bailout Nation” has been doing some analysis of financial TV news, which has given him plenty of airtime over the years. He has a list of 15 things that need repair “not just CNBC but all FinTV,” he writes.

Some advice:

1. Stop Yelling. Stop interrupting. Stop Talking Over Each Other: This is not Jerry Springer, its serious business. People’s retirement and investments are at stake. Please treat it that way.

3. S – L – O – W D – O – W – N

5. Lose the Octobox. Fire whoever came up with the Decabox. ‘Nuff said.

8. Accountability is important: I am astounded at some of the money losing hacks that are various shows again and again. These are the “articulate incompetants” to use Bennett Goodspeed’s phrase. Why not keep track of the records of guests – and let the viewers know how their past few calls have been. Are they Perma-bulls or bears? Are their stock picks awful? Are they reliable money makers? If not, let us know. (Of course, the better question is, if not, why even have them on?)

Meanwhile, Gawker caught a game of hot potato on Fox Business Network today.