‘The Ed Show’ Dedicates a Special Week to Rising Sea Levels

By Brian Flood 

MSNBC’s The Ed Show will air a special series called Rising Tide that will look at the threat of rising sea levels to the coast of the United States. Next week, the show will take a different look at how various cities are dealing with this important issue. Check out the schedule:

  • Monday, April 27: Sea Level on the U.S. Coast will be an overview of the threat of sea level rise in the U.S. and what cities are most at risk.
  • Tuesday, April 28: The Science of Sea Level Rise is a look at what climate scientists say is already happening to sea levels and how specifically this is playing out in South Florida.
  • Wednesday, April 29: Government Reaction to Sea Level Rise is an explanation of the actions from the state of Florida and local South Florida Government officials to curb the impact of rising sea levels.
  • Thursday, April 30: National Security Risks of Sea Level Rise showcases Norfolk, VA, home to the U.S. Navy Atlantic fleet, which is dealing with the highest rate of sea level rise in the country.
  • Friday, May 1: Urban Flooding Threats and Solutions ends the week with a depiction of the impact of sea level rise in New York Harbor, what it means for New York City and how Hoboken, NJ is leading the charge on President Obama’s Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience.