The Colbert Report Includes “A Study In Media Narcissism”

By Brian 

Stephen Colbert‘s creation — “an insecure newsman cloaked in layers of pomposity – is both ridiculous and endearing,” the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Beth Gillin says. She reviews The Colber(t) Repor(t):

“The opening sequence is a feast of zoom shots, whoosh sounds and patriotic imagery — stars! stripes! soaring eagle! red, white and blue lettering! — bound to elicit giggles from Fox News Channel viewers, especially when the eagle opens its beak and swoops toward the camera, as if to devour the audience.

The set — with the show’s title repeated on backdrop, floor runner and plasma screen — is a study in media narcissism, a capsule in which what is said matters less than who says it, and how, and what ratings it gets…”