The CBS Evening News With Diane Sawyer

By Brian 

Rebecca Dana begins her column with this: “Here is everything we know about the future anchor of the CBS Evening News, as outlined on Jan. 18 by the extremely tight-lipped, by-all-accounts-visionary and shorter-than-you’d-expect Sean McManus, the boy-wonder president of CBS News:

The person will be ‘recognizable to the American public.’ He/She will have ‘great journalistic credentials,’ ‘credibility,’ ‘a persona’ and, more than likely (although Mr. McManus did not say as much), a truly excellent pair of legs. The new anchor will have ‘covered a lot of major stories.’ It won’t be interim anchor Bob Schieffer or White House correspondent John Roberts. In fact, it won’t be anyone from CBS. But it might — winkety-wink — be a big star with a giant salary from another network’s morning show.”

Then, like everyone else, she assumes the woman for the job is Katie Couric. But!

“But there is one other person out there who fits the CBS wish list perfectly, who has a stunning resume, a pristine reputation, top-notch name recognition and gams that would look great behind a giant, logo-covered desk. Just imagine for a minute: What if Mr. McManus, instead of betting the bank on Ms. Couric like everyone expects, went after … Diane Sawyer instead?

Dana knows it’s “unlikely” and “borderline inconceivable.” But keep reading…

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