The Cafferty File

By Brian 

Here are a few e-mails responding to last night’s post imagining Jack Cafferty in primetime…

> “I’m a CNN producer and I can tell you everyone at work is whispering about Cafferty having his own slot at 7pm… Because right now, Wolf at 7 is sinking and bringing the already broken ship down, a little faster.”

> “Jack Cafferty in primetime would be CNN’s answer to Bill O’Reilly and would be in my view a major ratings success for CNN (if Jack was allowed to structure the show).”

> “Imagine Cafferty in primetime! He’ll win the nursing home demo!”

> “Jack Cafferty had his own show on CNN. After September 11th, he had a late night call in show, for viewers to call in….CNN cancelled it!”

> “I have to agree about the Cafferty primetime show idea. Actually, I have thought about this since 9/11 when he anchored a late-night call-in show beginning the night of 9/11. It only lasted for a few weeks I think. So here’s one vote for Cafferty in primetime. If primetime doesn’t work, how about a show in the afternoon?”