The Business Net Dog Fight

By kevin 

Vanity Fair’s Mark Pressman looks at the state of affairs in business news, particularly how successful or unsuccessful Fox Business Network has been. He also writes about the current strategies on challenging CNBC:

Fox Business Network’s strategy from the outset has been to go after business-minded viewers who may be turned off by CNBC’s heavy use of finance-industry jargon and tendency to cater exclusively to investors — “Main Street not Wall Street” is FBN’s credo. But even as Fox Business tries to chip away at the middle-class segment of CNBC’s audience, another rival is moving in on its high-end viewers. Bloomberg TV has been around for years, but it has generally been considered too wonky for all but the wonkiest finance types. In the past year, however, the network has hired new on-air talent (most prominently Margaret Brennan, from CNBC), consolidated the eye-boggling number of crawls that used to clutter the bottom half of its screen, and expanded its coverage of general business news rather than focusing almost exclusively on high finance.

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