The Boss Stops By FNC

By SteveK 

News Corp head Rupert Murdoch stopped by Your World with Neil Cavuto yesterday to discuss the purchase of Dow Jones. The lengthy interview touched on a variety of topics, including the growing financial empire Murdoch is building.

The addition of Dow Jones brings The Wall Street Journal to the recent television leg of News Corp — the Fox Business Network. Cavuto asked how they will integrate the two, and the “competition” was brought up by name.

Cavuto: How important will the Wall Street Journal, will Dow Jones, collectively be to building up FBN?

Murdoch: Oh, I think they’ll build each other, they’ll help each other. You know, at the moment, there’s a standing agreement with our competition, but that will run down or run out and we’ll be able to put the two together more and more.

Cavuto: Alright, the standing agreement, you’re talking about is where Wall Street Journal reporters’ contractual agreement with CNBC, I think that’s the name of it.

Murdoch: Yes, but it doesn’t stop a lot of them from coming on, onto Fox, and they have.

Huffington Post has the video. Also discussed was Murdoch’s vision for the future of FBN. TVDecoder has that backstory.