The Bill O’Reilly Top 10 List

By Chris Ariens 

More Cable newsers hit the pages of the Philly papers today. Bill O’Reilly is the subject of a Top 10 list in the Philadelphia Daily News. We chose #10, #5, #3, #2:

10 He doesn’t allow guests to finish their sentenc—

Hosts are courteous, Bill. Let guests finish a thought once in a while. (And, no, you don’t interrupt only when they are long-winded or evasive.)

5 He’s as thin-skinned as 2 percent milk.

Every criticism, valid or not, is taken as a vicious personal smear that leaves him alternately snarling or whining. Your ratings dwarf your print critics’ combined circulation, Bill. Stop playing the defenseless victim.

3 He grooms his eyebrows on-camera.

2 He criticizes others – NBC, The New York Times, the L.A. Times – for having political agendas. But when you enter the arena, Bill – like fighting for Megan’s Law – you have an agenda, too. Admit it.