The Big Gets for the Steroids Story

By SteveK 

George Mitchell‘s 400-page report on steroid use in major league baseball made news for multitude of marquee players named, like Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and Miguel Tejada. And when it’s time to talk steroid scandals there are two people who are the unofficial authorities: Victor Conte and Jose Canseco.

Conte is the founder of BALCO, a sports nutrition center with a history of steroid investigations. Conte has appeared on CNN many times today, labeled as an “exclusive” guest.

Canseco wrote the book “Juiced” in which he details his time as an MLB player using steroids and names many others who did as well. Canseco will appear exclusively on Fox Business Network today at 5pmET during Happy Hour, and later on America’s Nightly Scoreboard at 7pmET.