Terry Moran Questions Nancy Grace’s Ethics in Covering Casey Anthony Case

By Chris Ariens 

Nancy Grace, who has covered the death of Caylee Anthony and the prosecution of her mother Casey for three years has not held back on her thoughts on the jury’s decision. Her first feeling when the not guilty verdict was read, was sickness. Last night on a one-hour “Nightline,” Grace’s former CourtTV colleague Terry Moran asked Grace, “Is it ethical for a lawyer like yourself to come on television and say ‘this defendant is guilty?'”

“Many of the facts that I have portrayed on my show on HLN you have also portrayed by having me and others on as guests,” said Grace. “Now, is that ethical, Terry?”

“The day that it is unethical to care about the murder of a 2-year-old little girl who ends up duct-taped and thrown into a swamp, is the day that I too, will retire, and rue the justice system.”