“Terror In Its Own Words” On FNC Tonight

By Brian 

FNC is airing a new documentary, “Radical Islam: Terror in Its Own Words,” tonight at 9pm. “The program contains a shocking variety of rarely seen news clips, interviews and Al Qaeda video purportedly of suicide bombers as they prepare for their missions and blow themselves up in bids to kill Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq,” FOXNews.com says.

The show, hosted by E.D. Hill, “also contains never-before-broadcast video of Islamic clerics in the United States predicting and even threatening violence against Americans at home.” It relies heavily on research by The Investigative Project and the Middle East Media Research Institute.

> Also: Hill says: “You will be shocked by what you see and hear. This special will open your eyes, and you’ll want to show it to everyone you know and care about. You don’t want to miss this…”