Terror Attacks Give Urgent New Focus to David Muir’s Refugee Report

By Chris Ariens 

Just as ABC’s David Muir and his team began reporting their third story on the refugee crisis resulting from the civil war in Syria, the story quickly, and tragically, evolved.

“When we embarked on this year-long journey, none of these families could have predicted they would suddenly find themselves at the center of a storm in America about whether to allow Syrian refugees into this country and whether the vetting process is reliable,” Muir tells TVNewser.

What was to be a story about how the refugees have assimilated to life in the United States took a new tack when attackers targeted Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels, Istanbul and Orlando. Muir’s report, which airs Tuesday night on World News Tonight and on Nightline, looks at the argument about allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S.


“This is a portrait of remarkable kindness met with a fierce debate over whether the vetting of refugees can be fully trusted,” Muir adds.

Flashpoint: Refugees in America is Muir’s third report on the refugee crisis. In 2014, just as he started as anchor of World News Tonight, Muir reported from the Syrian border. Last year, he traveled to the Serbian/Hungarian border. For tomorrow’s report Muir also reports from Amman, Jordan.