Tehran Turns Down Fox News

By Brian 

> Update: 12:55pm: “No news organizations has a bureau in Tehran. Everyone is trying to get in there — of course they will continue to try,” an e-mailer says…

Earlier this month, FNC VP John Moody went to Tehran seeking permission to open a Fox News bureau in Iran. A few days ago, a tipster asked: “Is it true… he was told no by Iranian authorities?”

Apparently yes, according to FNC Jerusalem correspondent Jennifer Griffin. In a conversation with Brian Lamb, Griffin said she’d like to be based in Tehran.

“That’s one of the most fascinating places on earth. And we don’t know enough about it and we’ve been cut off from it for so long. And there aren’t very many journalists operating there. And to me to get inside that culture that’s where I’d like to be next.”

“The problem is the Iranians don’t want us there,” she said. “They aren’t allowing Fox to open a bureau there but maybe that will change at some. But I would be first in line to go there…”