Ted Koppel’s Inaugural NYT Op-Ed

By Brian 

The blogosphere is buzzing about Ted Koppel‘s first op-ed in the New York Times. “I cannot help but see that the industry in which I have spent my entire adult life is in decline and in distress,” the former Nightline anchor declares.

(“The closest thing we get to anything new in this piece is the embarrassing revelation that Koppel has an unpublished novel on his shelf about a television news anchor,” Penguins on the Equator says.)

The commentary includes this cable news reference: “Even Fox News’s product has less to do with ideology and more to do with changing business models. Fox has succeeded financially because it tapped into a deep, rich vein of unfulfilled yearning among conservative American television viewers, but it created programming to satisfy the market, not the other way around. CNN, meanwhile, finds itself largely outmaneuvered, unwilling to accept the label of liberal alternative, experimenting instead with a form of journalism that stresses empathy over detachment.”

E&P has a recap here.