Ted Koppel’s Challenge Met on Late Night

By Chris Ariens 

Ted Koppel was back in his old late night TV neighborhood last night. But before he had a chance to promote his upcoming Discovery Channel special while on Late Night, Koppel had his challenge met by Conan O’Brien, a challenge that was made here on TVNewser. It goes back to the writer’s strike, when O’Brien would fill time on Late Night by spinning his wedding ring on his desk. Well, answering one of the 5 Questions For…Ted Koppel, about something the American people don’t know about him, Koppel said:

“I was spinning my wedding ring on the Nightline anchor desk when Conan O’Brien was running coffee for the editor of The Harvard Lampoon. I hereby challenge Conan to the North American Wedding Ring Spinning Championship — on his home turf. And if he loses, he’s going to have to promote our China series every night it’s on. If I lose…well, I don’t intend to lose.”

So, who won? Click continued to see the clip…


Now, the question: Will Conan still promote Koppel’s series which begins tomorrow night, and runs through Saturday on Discovery Channel?