Ted Koppel To Deliver First BBC Op-Ed Tonight on Torture

By SteveK 

Former ABC newsman Ted Koppel, who has been contributing to BBC World News America since July as an analyst, will present his first opinion piece on the network during tonight’s broadcast (7pmET). The topic — torture.

TVNewser has obtained an early transcript of the segment. “Torture should be, clearly and unambiguously, against the law; as it is for those who safeguard our homes and streets domestically,” says Koppel.

“Is it possible that a threat to national security and the lives of many Americans may, at a subsequent trial, be determined to have justified the violation of that law? May a presidential pardon be warranted? Perhaps. But moral clarity and America’s standing in the world demand that the burden of proof be on those who can find no alternative to torture.”

Former VP Dick Cheney was a guest on Face the Nation yesterday, in a much-talked about interview with Bob Schieffer. Click continued to see the torture-related part of the interview…