Ted David To FBN?

By Chris Ariens 

A tipster tells us CNBC’s Ted David, was spotted at Fox News studios Friday. The longtime CNBC anchor is now doing radio reports for CNBC and has reportedly asked to be released him from his contract. Considering what happened with Eric Bolling, who knows how that might play out. David and Liz Claman, who was also seen at Fox this week, worked together at CNBC where they co-anchored Morning Call. Could a reunion be in the works?

>More: On Saturday, Ted David emailed TVNewser responding to the item…

Hi guys…
I have received a number of emails alerting me to your item claiming I was seen at Fox Business News Friday. While I was in the City, I was not at FBN. I am under contract to CNBC at the moment. However, I cannot imagine a more tempting possibility than getting to work once again for Roger Ailes, one of the keenest minds in television.


So, will Mr. Ailes and company take David up on that possibility?