TBT: Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, Norah O’Donnell and Joe Scarborough Yuck It Up, in 1998

By Chris Ariens 

Long before she became senior adviser to Pres.-elect Donald Trump (even before she became a Conway) Kellyanne Conway was a lawyer-turned-political pundit and Republican pollster; the kind of guest that would turn up often on cable news, especially in the early days of Fox News and MSNBC.

Thanks to the C-SPAN archive, we can take a trip back to 18 years ago this month, when Conway (then Kellyanne Fitzpatrick) took part in the Funniest Celebrity in Washington, D.C. Contest, (which is still going strong.)

Here’s a clip of Fitzpatrick joking about MSNBC, Fox News and a now-former CNN host.

Also participating that year, then-Rep. Joe Scarborough and Roll Call’s Norah O’Donnell. For your Thanksgiving Day viewing pleasure, here’s the full event. Enjoy.

(h/t Ethan Klapper)