Survey: 29 Percent of US Adults Recall Talking About Fox News Over the Past Two Weeks

By A.J. Katz 

It has been a nice couple of weeks for Fox News from a ratings and apparently an awareness perspective.

Martha MacCallum‘s exclusive with Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Monday, Sept. 24 gave the 7 p.m. host her largest audience ever. Three days later, the network averaged more total viewers for its coverage of the Kavanaugh-Ford hearings (one week ago today) than any other broadcast or cable news network. Those two events helped Fox News having its most-watched week of 2018 to-date.

It’s probably not shocking then to find that according to new data from YouGov Plan & Track, Fox News’ Word of Mouth score — which asks US consumers aged 18-and-up if they’ve discussed a particular brand with friends or family members in the past two weeks — hit a high for 2018.

On Oct. 1, 29 percent of American adults recalled talking about the network, up from 22 percent a week prior. So far, Fox News’ average Word of Mouth score for the current calendar year is also 22 percent.

And with the midterms looming, that number will only increase.

That 29 percent figure doesn’t note whether the discussions have been positive or negative…but at least for Fox News, the brand continues to be on the minds of millions!

The YouGov Plan & Track Ad Awareness metric is also reaching heights in 2018. Yesterday, Oct. 3, 21 percent of US consumers aged 18-and-over reported seeing an advertisement for Fox News in the past two weeks. In early August, for comparison, only 11 percent of people said the same. The network’s average Ad Awareness level for 2018 thus far is 15 percent.

This awareness is coming at a pivotal time for the network, as it prepares for the midterm elections as well as  the Q4 launch of Fox Nation, an ad-free digital streaming service featuring “opinion done right.” (the service’s slogan). This means exclusive content from FNC’s conservative hosts like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Tomi Lahren, Brit Hume, and others.