Super Bowl XLIV: Most Watched TV Program Ever

By kevin 

The 2010 NFL Super Bowl was the most watched television program in American history. Roughly 106.5 million people watched the New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts in South Florida yesterday. CBS had the broadcast and, as AgencySpy points out, aired plenty of promos for CBS programming, including an ad for CBS News that ran during the big game.

The record was previously held by the 1983 series finale of M*A*S*H, which drew 105.97 million (Wayne Rogers, aka Trapper John, discussed his show’s record going down on FBN today.) CBS News and Sports President Sean McManus said that good weather in Florida coupled with bad weather in the northeast helped boost viewership.

“For anyone who wants to write that broadcasting is dead, 106 million people watched this program,” CBS Corp CEO Les Moonves told the AP. “You can’t find that anywhere else.”

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