STS-114: Watch MSNBC’s Best Promo Ever

By Brian 

MSNBC is pulling out all the stops for “Return To Flight.” Its coverage of the Space Shuttle Discovery’s launch on Wednesday is being treated as a “Living History Event” the way the D-Day anniversary was. MSNBC’s Chris Jansing is anchoring all the coverage from Florida, beginning with a “powerful special” Sunday night at 8pm.

On Friday night’s Countdown, MSNBC premiered an incredible 2-minute-15-second promo for the coverage, complete with historical video clips and a musical score. It’s more appropriate for a movie screen than a TV set, actually. Keith Olbermann called it a “whiz-bangy space promo.” See it for yourself:

> Only on TVNewser: MSNBC’s “Return To Flight” Promo (3.5mb WMV)

“The world will once again say God speed to heroes in the sky, and you will join America’s quest for the heavens like never before,” the announcer bellows. The promo promises “amazing new images” and “unprecedented live coverage from Florida and around the globe of a moment…the whole world…will stop and watch…as one.” Click here to watch it.

> An e-mailer says: “Now, if MSNBC would give this thing some serious airplay between now and Wednesday on the other networks…”