“Strong Personal Flair” On Cable News

By Brian 

The headine of this story is “Who’s shouting now?”

The Baltimore Sun sums up the cable ratings race with this: “Virtually all the competitors are slashing at the Fox ratings lead by offering their own versions of noisy and opinionated news. CNN has been closing on Fox and the others, including MSNBC and CNBC, have on occasion closed on CNN. They’re all doing it by delivering the news with a strong personal flair.”

I am quoted several times in the piece, and I need to note that a couple of my quotes are incomplete. “Fox is still No. 1 thanks to O’Reilly. Without him, it would still be very competitive between CNN and Fox,” I said. This quote was referring solely to primetime — not to total day. In addition, regarding Dec. 11, I didn’t suggest that Larry King “normally trounces everyone on cable news except O’Reilly” — I said King usually beats everyone else on CNN.