Strategy For Fox TV Stations: “To Be Live & Be Fresh & Be TiVo-Proof”

By Brian 

During a TV Week syndication roundtable, Fox TV Stations CEO Jack Abernethy discusses his strategy for the future:

“In a world where dramas and sitcoms continue to be bid up and go to cable or are not available exclusively to broadcasting in off-net television, stations are going to need to do more and more live day-and-date news and fresh programming, because when you can buy a season of a particular show in DVD and soon that’s available online, then the real advantage for television stations is to be live and to be fresh and to be TiVo-proof.

So I think we’ve made this investment years ago but we’re going to continue to do more live news and information so that when you go on our channels, you expect to see stuff that’s fresh, you expect to see stuff you can’t buy in the store.”