Stewart Disses CNN, Cooper Jabs MSNBC

By Brian 

Daily Show host Jon Stewart had an interesting exchange with CNN’s Anderson Cooper last night. The Huffington Post has the full transcript, including this excerpt:

 STEWART: At CNN is there weirdness? You’ve shot up through the ranks there. Like, when you throw to Paula Zahn do you ever hear under her breath be like, [‘BEEP?’] Like, is there anything like — is there any of that? Is there weirdness there?

COOPER: No, I mean actually people are really — CNN is a nice place to work. There’s a real sense of mission and a sense of, you know, people being interested in the news.

STEWART: When’s it gonna show on air?


STEWART: Yeah. That sense of mission.

“How do you mean?,” Cooper asked. After a couple pauses for audience reaction, Stewart said “the network seems to not know what — do they wanna be –” and Cooper interjected: “Are you talking about MSNBC or CNN?” (Ha ha.) Stewart said this applied to both: “Let’s copy Fox in terms of their like kind of nice graphics and loud swoosh noises, and also car chases.” Here’s the rest…