Stephanopoulos: “We Try to Provide the Best Analysis We Can to Give People a Reason to Come to ABC”

By SteveK 

George Stephanopoulos, anchor of This Week and chief Washington correspondent for ABC News, spoke about everything from the 2008 presidential election to the show’s April 20 move to the Newseum during an interview for the feature “So What Do You Do?

Stephanopoulos, who will co-moderate an upcoming ABC News debate, said, “When you’ve got a high intensity, high stakes, and a race with high-wattage candidates, you get numbers. I mean there’s just no question about it. And I don’t think anyone expected, really, the race to go on this long or that we’d be having a debate in late April, mid-April, that could be decisive, but we are.”

He also touched on the legacy of the Bush administration, the effect of comedy shows on politics and the media, and the experience of having Michael J. Fox portray a character based on him in “The American President.”