Steph Watts Responds: “I Have Never Had a Nose Job”

By SteveK 

Steph Watts, the ABC producer reported by Page Six to have been fired for using his company credit card to pay for cosmetic surgery, responded to TVNewser today.

Watts gave us this statement: “I am perplexed by the New York Post story and the motivation of their sources within ABC. My departure from ABC had nothing to do with alleged medical expenses on a corporate card. Leaving ABC was a decision that has freed me up to fully utilize my talents in ways that would have been hindered if I stayed. And for the record, ‘I have never had a nose job but thank you for the compliment.'”

Watts says he was let go by ABC on March 17, but negotiations between his attorney and ABC over severance began yesterday.


An ABC News spokesperson tells us, “We don’t comment on personnel matters.”

> Update: A tipster sent this YouTube video of Watts on FNC’s Live Desk talking Casey Anthony…