State of the Union Coverage: PBS

By Merrill Knox 

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Judy Woodruff will anchor PBS’ State of the Union coverage beginning at 9pmET Tuesday night. Woodruff will be joined after the speeches by New York Times columnist David Brooks and syndicated columnist Mark Shields for analysis.

“NewsHour” politics editor Christina Bellantoni will host pre- and post-speech Google hangouts with historians, journalists and voters. The “NewsHour” Morning Line will also feature analysis and a full broadcast of the speech Wednesday morning.

More from PBS after the jump.

PBS NEWSHOUR to provide live coverage of President Obama’s State of the Union Address and the Republican Response, on-air and online

The PBS NEWSHOUR will offer in-depth coverage on- air and online Tuesday, Feb.12 of President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address onto a joint session of Congress, and the Republican response from Senator Marco Rubio, including a live broadcast of the speech, analysis from Shields and Brooks and a live streamed Google hangout with historians, journalists and voters before and after the speeches.

Also, in the spirit of the SOTU, check out the NewsHour’s special project State of Our Union, in which we follow up on our favorite stories from 2012 and find out what they see for 2013.

Judy Woodruff will anchor PBS’ live broadcast special  coverage of President Obama’s State of the Union speech and the Republican response starting at  9 p.m. Eastern.

After the speeches, Woodruff will be joined by New York Times Columnist David Brooks and Syndicated Columnist Mark Shields to provide in- depth analysis.

Alongside their broadcast efforts, the NewsHour will offer completer online coverage of the State of the Union on our website:

  • On Monday Feb.11, Online visitors can watch Correspondent Hari Sreenivasan  host a newsroom chat with two men who have previously written SOTU speeches, Michael Gerson and Don Baer.
  • Livestreaming video of the pre-SOTU activities and both Obama’s speech and the Republican response.
  • Translated versions of the SOTU will be provided online by the crowdsourcing translation community Amara, and both English and Spanish versions of the Rubio speech will be available.
  • Online reaction from legislators immediately after Tuesday’s speech, gathered by the NewsHour politics team in Statutory Hall.
  • A livestreamed Google hangout before the SOTU speech and after the Republican response, hosted by NewsHour Politics Editor Christina Bellantoni. Participants will include voters in New Hampshire and Iowa, historians, and journalists in the Capitol.
  • On Wednesday Feb.13, the NewsHour’s Morning Line will offer analysis of the speech and a full video of the Broadcast Special.
  • An article on the history of the “designated survivor,” the member of the cabinet who is kept in a safe and physically distant location while the country’s leaders are gathered for the SOTU, in case of an emergency.

Alongside the SOTU coverage, the NewsHour presents a project called State of Our Union. NewsHour reporters reached out to people who were the subjects of their stories in 2012 and check in on the state of their lives now and how their priorities for 2013 compare with the issues addressed in the President’s 2013 State of The Union speech. Readers are encouraged to submit their own “State of the Union” in the form of text, photos and multimedia.