Star Wars Synergy Expected to Sweep ABC, ESPN

By Mark Joyella 

This week, comedian Frank Caliendo did his impression of various ESPN personalities discussing the just-released (on ESPN) trailer for the upcoming Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. As Deadspin explained, “this is the kind of Star Wars/ESPN cross promotion that Disney is going to spend the next few months driving you insane with.”

And it won’t just be on ESPN. Variety’s Brian Lowry explains Disney hopes to harness the power of the film’s release to boost shows like ABC’s Good Morning America, in a tight race with NBC’s Today. “Enhanced access to ‘Star Wars’ talent and material might be enough to actually favorably move the ratings needle.”

The process began in September, when GMA celebrated the “Force Friday” release of Star Wars toys tied to the movie in an “only on GMA” live “event” that included locations around the world where boxes of the new toys were opened and revealed.