SOTU: “It Was Such A Moment”

By Brian 

Or in other words, the power of the television camera: Television anchors and analysts were swept away by the hug.

  · Update: MSNBC has been smart enough to re-air and discuss the Norwood moment in-depth. They recognize that it was a magical moment for viewers…

  · Cokie Roberts: “I don’t think anyone watching this will get past the moment of the Iraqi woman turning around and completely spontaneously hugging [the mother]…It was such a moment. And it really in a lot of ways spoke what the president is trying to say…To have that completely spontaneous moment was something that leaves you with goosebumps and I think will have more resonance than any words he said.”   ·

CNN’s Paul Begala noted that Bush “knows Pflugerville like the back of his hand,” because he used to live there. “There were real tears in the president’s eyes, and I think the whole country was quite moved by that.”

  · CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “That was a moment I think that everyone will always remember.”

  · CBS’s Bob Schieffer: “It was, I think, one of the most poignant moments I can recall in any inaugural speech that I have ever seen.” (I assume he meant SOTU speech.)