Sotloff Spokesperson: Obama Administration Has Made ‘Number of Inaccurate Statements’

By Jordan Chariton 

SotloffSpeaking with Anderson Cooper last night, a spokesman for the family of beheaded journalist Steven Sotloff claimed the Obama administration hasn’t been relaying accurate information to the American people.

“The administration has made a number of inaccurate statements,” Barak Barfi said.

He countered claims the Obama administration made that Sotloff’s family had been consistently informed of Steven’s status and that Steven and other hostages had been consistently moved by their captors this year.  “We know that the intelligence community and the White House are enmeshed in a larger game of bureaucratic infighting and Jim [Foley] and Steve are pawns in this game.”

“If there continues to be leaks, the Sotloff family will have to speak out to set the record straight,” Barfi concluded. He also said the family now knows Sotloff was sold by “moderate rebels” to ISIS for $50,000 at the Syrian border. President Obama will meet with Secretary of State John Kerry today to discuss his plan of action against ISIS, which he’ll announce in a speech tomorrow.