“Some” “Critics” “Worry” About CNN — Who?

By Brian 

Who are the critics Scott Leith refers to in his profile of Jon Klein‘s CNN in Sunday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution? He leans on “critics” who “complain,” “some” who “question,” and “others” who “worry” — but he doesn’t name or quote any of the critics. Here are some of the anonymous examples:

> “Critics complain he isn’t clear about what he wants and may be focusing too much on production values at the expense of breaking news.”

> “Some question the ascendance of Cooper or dislike the busy, multiscreen background of ‘The Situation Room.'”

> “Others worry the network is simply hurtling through changes that will prove as ineffectual as others in the recent past.”

> “Some complain Klein’s guidance lacks consistency. He has praised both the approach of National Public Radio and, in contrast, a segment in which a CNN reporter was zapped with a shock belt used on prisoners.”

> “Some wonder whether CNN is doing enough to maintain its traditional strength in covering breaking news. Some longtime insiders see the network as moving too far from its roots.”

Here’s the full story, titled “New script for CNN…”