Soledad O’Brien on Wright: “Certainly a Home Run For Him”

By SteveK 

As a whole new collection of Rev. Jeremiah Wright clips are played throughout the day today, and most likely throughout the weeks ahead, commentators and journalists will weigh in once again. Wright gave a speech last night at an NAACP dinner in Detroit and this morning at the National Press Club.

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien attended the NAACP dinner (she was a guest announcer as well), and discussed the reaction to the speech on CNN’s American Morning.

Her take? “It was an illuminating speech. It was a really funny, not angry, interesting, dynamic speech. So, certainly a home run for him from that perspective,” she said.


This morning on Fox & Friends on FNC and Morning Joe on MSNBC, the speech was discussed extensively as well, leading into Wright’s 9amET appearance at the National Press Club.

ABC News’ Jake Tapper blogs about that speech. “He clearly was not doing Obama any favors, not only by reappearing before a ravenous media thus distracting from Obama’s attempt to relate better to white working class voters in Indiana and North Carolina, but by implying Obama’s condemnation of some of his sermons was not sincere,” Tapper writes

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