Soledad O’Brien and Megyn Kelly Engage In Intense Monday Morning Twitter Argument

By A.J. Katz 

Soledad O’Brien and Megyn Kelly have been going at each other on Twitter this morning.

Why? It stems from a Saturday tweet sent by Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean after she saw that Dr. Anthony Fauci told PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff that New York State had done a good job righting the coronavirus ship after an extremely rocky start.

Dean wasn’t buying what Dr. Fauci was selling:


Her husband’s parents tragically died earlier this year from complications over the coronavirus at an assisted-living facility in New York, and she has been extremely critical of Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s administration for its executive order that put coronavirus patients in assisted-living facilities, like the one her in-laws died in. She hasn’t been alone in criticizing the administration for the move.

Whenever a tweet from Gov. Cuomo or a high-level member of his administration pops up in praise of New York’s progress in combating the pandemic, a critical tweet from Dean often follows. She has even appeared on the network’s prime-time programming to speak out about what she believes is a failing of Cuomo’s policies, and has referred to the man himself as “arrogant.”

O’Brien has long been critical of mainstream media coverage of the president, and is also unafraid of sparring with Fox News or conservative personalities/politicians. She seemed to say that Dean’s tweet shouldn’t be taken seriously because of her occupation:

O’Brien’s tweet didn’t sit well with Dean and her defenders, the most high-profile being Kelly:

The early morning back-and-forth commences: